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About Gemini Towel
  Gemini Towel was from Taiwan's largest towel origin - Huwei, and our company was established since 1980 with high-tech oriented, imported advanced technology from Japan and Germany, to produce a variety of high quality towels, and highly recognized by domestic and foreign consumers .

With the world economic trade system changes, Gemini Towel has established a complete towel production plant in Kunshan, China for exporting to US, Japan and other countries.
Our company has plenty experiences in international brand OEM, the quality and technology was deeply recognized internationally, and established its own brand Gemini Towel as well. It is the leader of top towel manufacturing in Taiwan. Our towels are exported to Europe and USA, and the business grows year by year. We high-tech factories based in Taiwan and overseas, that will modernize and internationalize the towel industry.

Gemini Towel has been focus on R&D and production of towel products for 30 years now; from towel, bath towel, sports towel, pillow towel to towel gift box, produce many kinds of products to meet the diversified demands of consumers.
Features of Gemini Towel
1. The best choice of the top towels
Gemini Towel has technical exchange with Japan many times, and our towels are not only be used by Taiwan's five-star hotels, but also exporting to the United States, Japan, European countries, etc.
2. Advanced production technology from Germany
Our company purchased German-made advanced production equipments, and using high-tech technology to produce top towels.
3. Well-experienced in international famous brand OEM
Gemini Towel is doing OEM for "Pierre Cardin" in France, "U.S. POLO ASSN.", "Ralph Lauren" and "Lacoste" in US and many other famous high quality towel brands. We are also working with a few Japaneses famous towel suppliers such as: 一廣株式會社、Hayashi Co., Ltd, and 內野株式. Well-experienced in working with international famous brand is the assurance of our quality.
4. Towel technology R&D.
Gemini Towel invests a large number of capital and technology to innovate and develop Zero twist yarn towel, Gauze towel, Bamboo towel and other towel products. We provide softer and comfortable quality, therefore subvert users about the stereotype of traditional towels.
Guarantees from Gemini Towel
100% pure cotton, conform with CNS standards and grade 4 color fastness test
Innovation and technological R&D; QC and manufacturing importation from Japan improving the product quality
Insist on quality, never jerry-build!
Made in Taiwan (MIT) logo certificate authorized
The functional towels give you incredible care!
Hot Sale Items
Zero twist yarn towel
  It has super soft touch feeling, skin friendly, excellent air permeability, and fluffy cotton yarn density. Many Japanese consumers like to choose this kind of towel.
Gauze towel
  Using double-side designs, one side is towel, the other side is gauze. It is suitable to wash baby's face and take a bath. And adults can use it to remove the dirt and excess oil. Easy to dry and gentle on your skin.
Printed towel, Jacquard towel, Embroidered towel
  These three kinds of towels are made of different weaving technology, not only available in variety of color combination, but also having unique soft & comfortable feel. These are different styles of Gemini Towel to meet the demands of consumers.
Bath rug
  Using 100% cotton ultra-absorbent woven fibers, more absorbent than normal mats, it also has anti-skid function. Bath Mat is suitable to use in the bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedrooms. Or you can place it in the wooden floor of the hallway or entrance. Thus improves the visual pleasant, and the fine texture when stepping on the rugs.
Towel gift box – best gift for special holidays
  Elegant outer packaging contains different numbers of top-towels, bath towels, handkerchiefs. It is an excellent gift for marriage, baby births, birthdays, Valentine's Day or Chinese New Year.
Sales Channels
If you are in Taiwan, you can buy all kinds of Gemini Towel products in major hypermarkets, chain stores, drug stores and other sales channels. If you are overseas, please leave your information and purchase requirements at the following form, and we will contact you as soon as possible!
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